Outfield Ready Position

  1. Feet shoulder-width apart
  2. Knees slightly bent
  3. Slight rocking motion side to side (this allows players to run quickly in either direction)
  4. Elbows bent, glove up
  5. Eyes on the batter

Fly Ball Catching & Throwing Technique

  1. Catch ball out in front of face.
  2. Keep your glove foot forward to align your body with your throwing target.
  3. Always catch the ball with two hands — palms up
  4. Reach for seams and try to get ball out of glove as fast as possible.
  5. Begin crow hop movement by bringing the back foot forward while separating the hands.
  6. Point your glove at the target for an accurate throw. Body should be sideways to the target at this point.
  7. Push off back foot to add power to throwing motion.
  8. Tuck your glove to your chest as you release the ball by your eye.
  9. Follow through with throwing hand coming to opposite knee and back leg comes forward.
  10. Move in direction of throw.

Ground Ball Fielding Technique

Knee Method

Safest approach. Drop to the throwing side knee, put the glove flat on the ground between the legs, field the ball and trap it with the throwing hand

Semi-Knee Method

Faster, but slightly riskier. Only drop the throwing side knee halfway to the ground.

Pro Method

Fastest and riskiest. Use in a door-die situation when the tying or winning run is attempting to score. Run at the ball, place the glove outside the knee, and scoop it up on the move