To warm-up the wrists and arms and practice proper rotation on the ball.

Set Up

  • Arrange players into pairs based on their abilities.
  • Players should sit crosslegged about 8-10 feet from their partners.
  • Both players should have a glove, one player should have a ball.
sit and throw softball fielding drill
Players play catch from a seated position to work on upper body mechanics.


  1. This drill is essentially a game of catch, but from a seated position. This helps players isolate the wrist and arm movement.
  2. Players should throw the ball back and forth about 25 times.

Coaching Tips

  • Index and middle fingers should stay behind the ball through the release.
  • The throwing hand should be above the thrower’s head, elbow should be at least shoulder high.
  • Thrower should follow through, making a fishhook with the throwing wrist.
  • The rotation on the ball should be from the 6 o’clock position to the 12 o’clock position.