To practice catching balls near stationary objects such as fences or dugouts

Set Up

  • Players form a single file line in foul territory 10 feet from a fence with their gloves on as shown.
  • Coach has a bucket of balls and stands about 30 feet in front of line.


  1. Coach begins the drill by throwing a high arching ball designed to land between the fence and the player line.
  2. The first player in line needs to catch the ball up against the fence, and then run the ball back to the coaches bucket before sprinting back to the end of the line.
  3. As soon as the ball is returned to the coaches bucket, the coach begins the drill with the next player in line as to keep the drill running at a fast pace.

Coaching Tips

  • Many players are afraid to catch pop flies near fences because they worry about running into the fence and getting hurt.
  • Teach the kids to extend their arm toward the fence while they keep their eye on the ball. Their arm will alert them before they crash.
  • Make it harder: Hit live batted balls instead of throwing fly balls.
  • Make it easier: If you have a player who is very uncomfortable with this drill, have them begin touching the fence instead of moving toward it.