The last part of the pitch is the release, which is a simple finger roll that creates ball rotation or “spin”. Getting the ball to spin correctly is critical, since the spin dictates when and how the pitch will break.

The best way to practice the spin is to toss the ball up and create spin with your fingertips. This is a very light and easy motion that, when done correctly, will create a drop motion on all pitches.

It is very important that you practice spinning the ball. And it must spin right to get the pitch you want. If the ball doesn’t spin correctly, the ball will not rise or drop with a sharp effect. A vertically spinning ball can move across the zone aggressively, but a flat horizontal spin will cause the ball to move more suddenly. A curveball, for example, employs a horizontal spin.

Therefore, learning to spin the ball properly is the most critical skill a pitcher must master. It takes a lot of practice, time, and effort to spin the ball the properly. But with practice and dedication, you can become a spin master!

Softball Pitching & How To Spin The Ball: A Video Tutorial


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