Something that works really well for my pitchers seems to be this drill when they are struggling to find the strike zone.

Finding the Strike Zone Drill

1. I put them on the mound with their “Guide Side” facing the catcher.
2. The “Guide Side” is left shoulder for a righty pitcher and the right shoulder for a lefty pitcher.
3. The pitcher is on the mound sideways toward the catcher with the guide side facing.
4. I then have the pitcher cross their “guide side” leg/foot over the other and place it on top of the rubber
5. That is their starting position to deliver the ball.
6. They leg kick, get into balance, and deliver the ball through the regular fluid motion. Basically no stepping involved to balance.
7. Sometimes I have them hold the balance and drive to the plate.
8. This helps them to hone in on the plate while getting to balance.

I find this drill works especially when I have pitchers struggling to find the plate because the guide side becomes important in the accuracy of the pitch.