During this video, you’ll learn about a great softball pitching drill called the Six Minute Speed Drill.

This is an excellent drill to work on arm speed, leg drive, and overall powerful mechanics. For this softball pitching drill, you’ll need a person to feed you the balls as well as a person who’s timing (they can be the same person).

Grab a bucket of balls and get together with the catcher, mound distance apart.

What you’re going to do is for a minute, throw as hard and as quickly as you can. Go a minute on, a minute off, a minute on, a minute off, etc., for six minutes.

The bucket of balls is there in case you overthrow so that you can keep going.

Try to shoot for between twelve to fifteen pitches per minute, and try to keep your pitches consistent throughout this softball pitching drill.

Do you think this softball pitching drill will work well in your next practice? Share your thoughts below!