This softball pitching drill works on the push off and driving into your target.

Set Up

Your pitcher should start on the non-glove-side foot. She’ll need a little bit of rock to generate the forward motion.


  • As your pitcher does this drill, remember the open door, closed door.
  • She should start to close shortly after the front foot plants.
  • She should be open as she gets to the release point, plant, and shortly after the plant and as she moves into the follow-through, she will be closed.
  • This drill should be performed for three to five minutes or 25 reps.

Video Demonstration


One thing to think about as you do this softball pitching drill is that the average pitcher should have a stride of six to six-and-a-half feet from the push-off foot to the plant foot as it goes forward.

Remind your pitcher to keep in mind as she drives forward that she needs to get her feet in line. If your pitcher draws a line from herself to the catcher, to the target, she wants to perform her skills and mechanics on that line. We get our shoulders, hips, feet in line, and our glove and throwing hand in line on that power line.

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