In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating 2 awesomely aggressive leg drive drills for softball pitching!

Softball Pitching Drills for Working the Leg Drive

Leg drive is the most important action a pitcher can incorporate into their softball pitching form. The leg drive is what gets the ball to the catcher faster, and it also keeps the pitcher from getting tired too quickly.


The Leg Drill

This is a basic but aggressive leg drive drill, and it’s great for your younger pitchers. It is similar to the leg up drill, but the pitcher is going to barely pick her foot up off of the mound.

It’s a swing-swing-kick out motion towards the catcher, and it really focuses on pivoting of the hips and getting a nice, straight step.

When you first introduce this drill, you may see that your players don’t know what to do with the leg and arm. Are they moving at the same time or separately? You want the arm and leg to move together.

Get into your opening stance, get your balance, and then pick your foot up off the ground and swing forward, back and then kick out.


The Knee Up Drill

Sometimes also called the “Stork” drill, because of the knee up, this is a more aggressive version of a leg drive drill that works on the swing.

The arms are at your side, and you are going to focus on working on the pump and then kick out towards your catcher. You can do this drill from the mound, or you can also do it slightly in front of the mound.

This is an excellent drill to use to work on pivoting that back leg, with focus on pushing out towards your catcher. You can also do this drill with a cone, which is incredibly effective as well.


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