In today’s blog post, I am sharing 3 excellent pitching power drills that use cones to emphasize proper pitching mechanics. The use of cones in drills is a very effective way to work on getting the front leg up or getting it stretched out longer.

Softball Pitching Power Drills

Power Line Drill

Use this drill if you have a young pitcher that has trouble stepping to the left off the power line. A tell-tale sign that they are having trouble is you will see them fall hard to the right as they try to drive their weight into the front leg.

  • Put a cone down and force her to try to get across it
  • Alternately, you can put a glove down and force her to take her step straight on her power line while standing up nice and tall. No bending ever at the waist and no hunching over with the shoulders. Chin up and shoulder on the catcher.


Real Power Drill

In this drill, you’re going to focus on dragging the back leg up into a tuck, up and over the cone, staying sideways and working on a good drag. And you’re going to do this at three different locations.

  • Start at the mound about five to 10.
  • The second location is over the cone, five to 10.
  • Move back to a further distance. When you do the further distance, you’re still trying to throw it hard and even like a strike – not loopy.


Power Driving Drill

In this drill, you’re focus is getting your leg up with either both arms on one side or split the arms and then driving up on the toe towards your catcher. When you’re doing this, make sure you bring the front leg up. This is a really aggressive drill that needs to be more like a fast ball.

  • Do the first set from the mound with your power line
  • Next, take three to four giant steps back, mark your next line, do your 10 from there
  • Again take three to four more giant steps back, mark your line, and throw from there.

Note: Your younger girls are not going to be able to go as long a distance as older girls.


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