This is the first softball pitching drill that I do with my pitchers in our practices. The focus of this drill is on good form, a good line, and making sure you are getting a tight wrist action to achieve the proper spin of the ball.

The wrist snap is the final movement in the pitching motion and you need to have a strong wrist so that you can develop the proper spin for that close.

Proper Grip and Spin

You want to throw the softball so that the 4 seams are rotating through the air, which will increase your accuracy and velocity. (If the ball is thrown incorrectly, only 2 seams will rotate when the ball is cutting through the air.)

TIP! Place a piece of tape around the ball to show correct rotation. This will allow you to easily see if you are achieving that perfect 12:00 to 6:00 spin!

When you grip the ball, grip over one of the seams, and instead of burying he ball up into your palm solid, you want to keep a little bit of space between your palm and the ball, which will help in releasing the ball with increased velocity.

Execution of The Wrist Snap Drill

  • Pitchers should be at their open position towards the batter (or one another when working with a partner)
  • Use the wrists only to focus on strengthening the pitching motion
  • Use the glove to help restrict the movement of the elbow by placing the glove against the forearm
  • his drill is also great to use a weighted ball with. A 9-12 oz ball will add to your strength development
  • Complete either 3 minutes or 15-25 repetitions of this drill

Video Demonstration


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