One of my goals as a coach is to make sure I use fun softball practice drills.   I always end a practice with a 15 minute fun game for the kids. While it is fun,   it is also working on throwing, fielding, and moving in front of the ball.   The Baserunning drill keeps them guessing and they love it!

End of Practice Fun Drill
Line up half the team down the first base line (between home plate and 1st base) and the other half line up between 3rd base and 2nd base.
The team on the first baseline has a ball.
They throw a grounder towards the other team.
If the ball gets past one of the players the person closest to the ball is out.
Then the team between 3rd and 2nd throw a ball towards the team at the first baseline.
If the ball gets past them then the person closest to the ball is out.
If the team stops the ball from going past them then know one is out.

Keep playing until there is one player left and they are the winner.
Variation- if the player does not field the ball cleanly they are out

Baserunning Drill for Youth  
Place coach at 1st and 3rd. Have runners start at home plate – coach tells player to “round and look” or “run through.”

If they “round and look” then he sends them or yells “get back.” Player must look for 3rd base coach 2/3 way to second base to get direction on coming to 3rd or staying at 2nd.
We even throw in a “get back” simulating a caught pop fly situation.   Practicing this has really helped the girls baserunning in the games.