If you’re looking for fun and effective softball practice drills for girls, try these two.   Your players will love them and improve their skills while having fun.

Game Action Drill
Here is an idea about getting some real game action in a controlled setting.

Coach pitch to a hitter and have them live hit.
Play out the ball.
If the batter is out, that’s one of three outs. If not, the hitter stays on base and plays the situation with the next batter.

When there are 3 outs, clear the bases and start again.   My girls love this and it is very reflective of real game play.

Hand/Eye Coordination Drill

  • You will need 4 orange cones set up ten paces apart.
  • Set a ball on the top of the first and the third cones.
  • Have the first player start ten paces in front of the first cone.
  • She runs to the first cone and grabs the ball then sprints to the second cone placing the ball on the top of that cone, runs to the third cone grabs the ball and places it on top of the fourth cone then turns around to receive a fly ball.

You will need at least two coaches to help replace balls and throw the fly ball.
To make it competitive the kids who make it through without errors get to do it again until they are eliminated.

The drill helps with hand/eye coordination and the kids have fun!