Here is one of my teams favorite drills. It is one that the kids really get into.   We call it: 2-1. It enforces skills of fundamental defense, pitchers throwing strikes, batters prepared to swing at anything close with a full count, and game situation.

2-1 Drill
*You divide the team into three groups or more depending on how many you are working on.   Make sure your catchers and pitchers are split evenly.
*Then the game becomes the team batting verse the team playing defense.
*You can either have your pitchers pitch or a coach.
*The count starts at 2-1 or you can vary the drill and start it at 3-2 so pitchers have to throw a strike and batters have to be ready to swing.
*You play normal rules with three outs per inning.   Keep track of runs for each team.
*Once three outs are made, switch team “A” with either team “B” or “C”.   Continue through the cycle till one team score a certain amount of runs.

*Winning team does not have to clean up equipment or gets one less sprint at the end of practice.   Good incentive.