Softball TeamworkWe use a drill we call Red Rover. It teaches them to work as a team and the importance of backing each other up.   It’s a lot of fun and the girls love it.

Red Rover Drill
Split the team into 2 equally skilled teams.
Set out 2 cones 15-20′ apart and then 2 more cones 40′ away, again 15-20′ apart.
Spread the girls out between the cones evenly.

Now you have 2 lines of players in between the cones facing one another.

Give 1 team a ball and they begin throwing grounders at the opposing team.

If a grounder gets through the opposing line then the girl who missed the ball is out.

If 2 or more girls go for and miss the ball then the throwing team chooses which one is out!

We play until 1 team is eliminated.   The losing team usually has to run (added incentive to try harder).