During this video, you’ll learn all about a speed softball drill   called Let Go’s.

For this softball drill, your player will need a partner as well as some sort of belt. Have one player hold on to their partner’s belt (or the back of the pants). The player should fall forward with good posture, keeping her head up–then she should pause and be released, exploding into a full sprint.

Gravity helps to pull the player forward for explosive acceleration. Remind your players to use good running techniques, specifically to keep the:

  • Knee up in front of the body
  • Heel under the hamstring
  • Toes pulled up toward the shin

These softball drills are great fro creating reactive, explosive sprints. One repetition is going down and back.

This is the perfect drill for developing speed on the base paths.

After your players have gotten used to doing regular Let Go’s, have them do some Resisted Let Go’s. During this softball drill, the player will explode into a full sprint while their partner is still holding on to their belt. After three or four steps, the partner should let go. This resistance will recruit more muscle tissue, which will increase strength.

Do three sets of five repetitions, and use a distance of five to ten yards.

If you think your players will enjoy doing this softball drill, be sure to check out our YouTube channel for even more videos with drill ideas!