During the above video, you’re going to learn about a killer softball hitting drill that will help your players work on getting quick hands. It’s called the quick side bounce drill.

This softball hitting drill works on throwing the hands quickly to the low inside pitch. You, the coach, will kneel in front of your hitter because it’s an inside pitch, and she wants to make contact out in front of her. You’ll say, “stride,” and then quickly bounce the ball to her from the side.

If the hitter’s hands are a little late, the ball will get too far in on her–the same concept if she’s late on a pitch and the ball gets too deep and she’s unable to hit it.

With this softball hitting drill, the hitter’s going to have to get her hands to the ball quicker than she’d ever have to do in a game setting, so it’s great for getting your hitters to improve on having quick hands.

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