power hitting drill weighted

In today’s blog post, we are talking about 2 great hitting drill ideas that can be performed with weights, to increase your players power hitting.

The following hitting drill suggestions can be done in any of the six basic hitting drill scenarios: dry swings, tee work, soft toss, flips, batting practice, and the batting machine.

Ankle Weight Hitting Drill

Difficulty Level: Easy

Setup: A bat, as well as an ankle weight.

Execution: Put and ankle weight on your back foot, then go through 10 repetitions of one of these six hitting drill types, take off the weight, and do 5 more repetitions.

Coaching Tips: Focus on an explosive pivot off that ankle, getting as much torque as you can out of it.


Wrist Weight Hitting Drill

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Setup: Two wrist weights is all the extra equipment you’ll need for this drill.

Execution: Equip the wrist weights, and practice 10 swings, focusing on keeping your hands tight to the body. Then take the weights off and go through 5 normal swings.

Coaching Tips: The farther away you hold your hands from your body, the tougher this drill will be for you. This drill is a great measuring stick, because the more fundamentally sound your swing is, the easier this drill will be.


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