“Zone hitting” means hitting the ball where it’s pitched. In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a great UTM that will allow your hitters to work on watching their contact point, ensuring that they are balanced in their swing, compact with the arms and on time with the ball.

Zone Hitting Drill

  • Setting up cones in the middle of the field gives the hitter a visual of where she wants to place the ball.
  • Remember, you’re not going to hit every ball right up the middle, but your goal is to attempt to.
  • The variations of this drill are that you can cone off right field and she can work on driving the ball to the right side, or you can cone off left field and she can work on driving the ball to the left side. Again, just having more focus and more purpose on the drill.
  • The timing is critical in this drill. By being perfectly on time, you can let that ball get deep in the zone in order to drive it up the middle.


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