In today’s blog post, we are talking about the 5 Keys to Quick and Accurate Softball Throwing. When fielding, you want to get rid of the ball as quickly and as accurately as you can, but with as much velocity on the ball as possible.   You don’t want to lob that ball – you want to get it there as quickly as possible while accurately hitting your target.

5 Keys to Quick and Accurate Softball Throwing

#1: Balanced Position

One of the things that you always want to do when throwing is get in a balanced position. If you come up fielding in your balanced position, you can really stand, put all of your weight on the back/rear foot. This is a strong balanced position.

When you release the ball, all of your power and strength should be behind your release. Whether you’re pitching or whether you’re hitting, at release or at contact, you always want your body behind the release point or the contact point. So if you have a balanced position, you’ll be able to do that.

#2: Don’t “Short” on the Throw

Another error that can sometimes occur is the player wants to short on it. You want to very quickly release the ball and get rid of it to first base, but what tends to happen is, you bring it back down and never reach through. You never pull the forearm through and consequently it turns out to be a short throw.

#3: Look At Your Target

Look at your target the whole time. With the head up, find your target early. And be sure to square the shoulders and the hips to your target.

#4: Finish in a Strong Position

Use your lower body muscles to really project that ball, and focus on quick, fast arm speed at your release. The quicker you have the wrist and the arm coming through, the more velocity you can project on the ball. Starting with the foot, turning the hip, and finishing through, everything goes towards your target rather than off to the side.

#5: “Hurry” With Control

You want your players to get to the ball as quickly as they can and release the ball as accurately as they can, and not use the term “rush”. Sometimes rush has a negative connotation. You want to make sure your players hurry with control. Get to the ball and release it as quickly as you can. You don’t want to hold the ball very long.


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