This drill is perfect for coaching the batter the basics of hitting the ball.

Softball Batting Practice Drill
1.   Grip: Players must be able to grip the bat properly. The bat grip resembles that of an axe.

2.   The bat must be held across the base of the fingers.

3.   Light pressure on bat is a must, as pressure will increase as contact is made.

4.   The middle knuckles of the top hand align between the middle and last knuckles of the bottom of hand.

5.   Proper stance – The first to a great swing is one’s stance. It must be stressed to the players that the stance should be what is comfortable, and not what looks best.

6.   Ready Position or Batting stance as follows: At the batters’ box step into it and do a pre-swing routine. Separate feet at shoulder width. Feet must be paralleled with toes aligned parallel to inside edge of home plate.   Bat must be held over shoulder at 45* angle to horizontal.   Bend top half of body forward from waist to bring weight onto both feet and then flex knees slightly.

Certainly, the knees must be flexed with the weight centered on the inside of the feet. The knees will slightly bend in towards each other, actually knock-kneed where balance is the primary objective.   The batter then should have a clear mind and focus on seeing the pitch from the release point into the hitting zone.

Swinging within the strike zone and watching the bat hit the ball is a must.   Once the swing is mechanically sound, the batter needs to master the mental aspects of hitting where fixing his attention hitting becomes mighty important.

7.   Aggressive hitting must be encouraged on the principle that every pitch is going to be a strike down the middle and contact has to be made with the ball, where the only decision the batter has to make is not to swing at a ball outside the strike zone.