This drill helps fielders quickly locate a fly ball ball in the air and get a good jump on it. Stresses good communication among the outfielders.

Set Up

  • Player and coach stand roughly 20 yards apart in an open space. The player has her back to the coach.


  1. Coach says, “Go” and tosses a ball in the air.
  2. The fielder turns and turn and finds the ball in the air, then runs to catch it before it hits the ground.
  3. If you are running this drill with two players, they should first communicate with each other as to who is going to catch it. The outfielder who is not catching the ball should assume a backup position.
  4. Outfielder catches the ball and throws it back to the coach.

Coaching Tips

  • Outfielders should be calling loudly for the ball – “ball, ball, ball” or “mine, mine, mine” or “I got it, I got it, I got it” or something similar. –
  • The centerfielder is “the king of the outfielders” and overrules the other two.
  • Outfielders should be catching the ball with glove foot forward so they are positioned to make a good strong throw.