This drill teaches batter to take a full swing and follow through without slowing down at the point of contact.

Set Up

  • Batters can be set up anywhere on the field.   Multiples batters can perform this drill at once!


1. A bat parachute or another device, like a donut or heavy wrap is placed on the bat.

2.   Batter gets into their hitting stance.

3.   Batter swings the bat making sure to continue on when resistance provided by one of the devices above is encountered.

Coaching Tips

  • Many young batters stop at contact. This drill teaches them to continue past resistance.
  • At follow-through, batter’s back foot should have shoelaces pointed toward pitcher, hips should be square to pitcher and the hands should finish high at shoulder level.
  • Make sure batter is not slowing down during swing. They should be finishing as fast as possible.
  • Batter should strive to keep head still, go all the way around fast and finish balanced.