In today’s video blog post, we are briefly discussing the importance of proper softball catcher mechanics and warmups, and the difference in throwing mechanics of the different positions.

Catcher Mechanics & the Importance of Proper Warmup

Like every position, a strong arm is a necessity, but especially with the catcher, and especially in fast pitch softball where runs are so hard to come by.

You need a catcher that can prevent runners from stealing bases. It’s not just a matter of being able to throw them out, but of them knowing that your catcher has an accurate strong arm, and they won’t even try to steal because of this.

A proper warmup for your catcher will increase her opportunities for easy throw-outs.

 Warmup Drill

  • In this drill, your catcher will warm up by throwing to a player at the base or at approximately 60 feet away.
  • As she gets warmer, the player at the base will move further back into the outfield, eventually reaching the 125 to 150 foot distance.
  • After you reached the maximum distance of 125 – 150 feet, have the player in the outfield come back in to 60 feet, and finish off by focusing on good catcher mechanics.


One thing you have to remember is that each position demands a different arm circle in their throw. The catcher has one of the tightest arm circles. As you watch her throw, it is almost a direct draw back with the hand that has the ball, and a forward throw — unlike an outfielder who will drop the ball down and take a big long full circle in their throw to generate the distances they need to throw.


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