Teaches hitter to keep her hands back and wait on the ball.

Set Up

  • Batter gets in normal stance by tee.
  • Coach stands, kneels or sits nearby.
  • You can create your own tee by placing rubber tubing in a bucket of cement.


Batter gets into batting stance.

Clap Softball Hitting Drill
Normal stance

Coach claps.

Batter goes into trigger position and holds it.

Clap Softball Hitting Drill
One clap – Trigger stride position

Coach claps again and player swings, hitting the ball off the tee.

Clap Softball Hitting Drill
Second clap – Swing through the ball.

Coaching Tips

  • Vary the speed of the two claps.
  • Two fast claps would be a fastball.
  • A clap, a pause and another clap would be a curveball or changeup.