In softball, communication is key! Our goal is to first, avoid collision so that we can avoid injury. And second, ensure that all of our plays are made.   In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a fabulous communication drill that will help your defensive players develop trust in one another, resulting in a winning and successful team!

Communication Drill for Infield & Outfield Softball Defense

  • Begin this drill with a line of infielders and a line of outfielders
  • Infielders say “Got it!” and outfielders say “Mine!”, so teammates know who is calling the ball
  •  Even if the infielder calls it, the outfielder continues to come in to back up the infielder
  •  If an outfielder does catch the ball, she gets it to the infielder, as opposed to trying to throw it all the way in. This develops trust between your fielders so that they will go hard at a ball until they are called off
  • We can also add another infielder line, so we have 2 infielders and an outfielder going for the ball at the same time


Remember, the key to this drill is to communicate, trust each other so the play is made, nobody gets hurt, and everyone knows where everybody else is on the field.


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