This drill covers the proper footwork and body rotation needed to perform a fast cutoff and eliminate any unnecessary steps while turning and throwing the ball .

Set Up

  • One player or coach starts with the ball in the outfield.
  • The other player is at one of the infield positions.
  • A teammate or net can be placed at home plate to catch the ball.


The infielder faces the player who is throwing to her and raises her hands to show a target to the throwing player.

Receiving the throw

The outfielder throws the ball.  Catch and turn.

Catch and Turn
Catch and Turn

The baseman begins to turn her body as the ball approaches.

She catches the ball and continues to turn her body in one fluid motion so she is facing her target.

Turn and Throw
Turn and Throw

Coaching Tips

  • Remind players that if their body is not turned while catching, the base runner will gain two extra steps (six feet) while the baseman is repositioning herself to make the
  • This drill can be performed individually by holding a ball, practicing the turning technique and throwing to a net.