I play a short game for the last hour of practice with my coach pitch team.–5 on 5 or 6 on 6 or whatever works for the situation and team size.

End of Practice Game
The team at bat gets one point for every base their batter gets to (4 points max if they make it all the way around for each batter).

We go once through the order and switch regardless of outs.   If you get out your done for that inning.

5 girls who make it all the way around each could score a max of 20 points.

It keeps it competitive and the infield is anxious to get the outs.

My team always has fun and as a final learning point, I pick the team captain.   They then pick the teams and place the infield how they like.   This gives them a different perspective.   Sometimes the outfield has to be supplemented with coaches but it works.