To practice fielding ground balls in a fun, competitive way.

Set Up

  • Divide team into groups of four.
  • Make a square shape with each foursome.
  • One player should be at each corner of the square with about 50 feet separating each player.
  • One player in each foursome should have a ball. No gloves are necessary for this drill.
Four Square Softball Fielding Drill
Players roll ground balls to each other in a square pattern.


  1. On the coach’s whistle, the player with the ball should roll the ball to the next person in a clockwise direction.
  2. Without a glove, player must move to the ball, bend their knees and field the ball with two hands.
  3. Players should see how quickly they can roll and field the ball around the square.
  4. After they have that down, add a second ball to the mix, so there are two going at once.

Coaching Tips

  • This is a good drill to use to identify a player struggling with fielding ground balls. You can always pull a player out of the square to work with them individually while the rest of the players continue the drill as a triangle shape instead of a square.
  • Make it harder: Increase the size of the square.  Allow players to throw the ball in any direction – left, right or diagonally across the square.  Throw short-hops, low ground balls and high ground balls.
  • Make it easier: Add a coach into each group of four to demonstrate, correct and encourage.