It is hard to keep a bunch of 13 yr olds on the same track during a travel season when their minds are traveling more than their bodies. This little “game” is one I picked up from another coach. It is an outfield throwing competition.

Outfield Throwing Competition

  1. The girls form two teams, one in left center and one in right center.
  2. Each girl has a softball and a tipped over garbage can is placed at home plate facing the pitchers’ mound.
  3. 1 pt for hitting barrel and 2 pts for getting the softball in the can.
  4. Each girl takes her turn throwing at the can.
  5. Each team compiles points and the winning team has less after- practice running to do.

One variation is to add fielding the ball and making the same throw. Most of the time we eliminate the fielding part to speed up the “funtime”.