This is a twist to one of the popular ideas for “show me the ball” , “invisible bat”, and “coach says”.   I have actually combined these into one exercise/drill and call it the “Coach Says” drill.

“Coach Says” Drill
I have the children stand in a line facing me.
I show them the techniques for “show me the ball” and “invisible bat”.
Then they have to do what I say, if I say “coach says” (just like a game of simon says).

I have asked them to roar like lions, to jump on one foot, to meow like cats, act like monkeys, etc anything silly really.
Within the mix of all the funny things I will throw in “show me the ball” or “batter stance”, “swing”.   At this time I go down the line and adjust if need be and we keep playing.

The kids LOVED this exercise!!   It put a smile on my face, their faces and the parents as well, all the while we were learning some fundamentals of throwing and hitting the ball.