I always used this as a coach, great drill. This drill is an excellent workout for pitchers, catchers, 1st, second, second and runners. It will make all your infield defense stronger when your opponent wants to steal a base.

Stealing Base Challenge
You need everyone but a 3rd baseman.   Put a runner on first.

The game goes like this:
The defense gets a point if they can throw out the runner.
The runners get 2 points if they can steal the base.
The pitcher tries to keep the runner at first, (working on his pick off move).
The runner tries to get an aggressive lead to steal the base.
The pitcher has to try to pick off, while still throwing strikes to the catcher.
But the runner has to try to steal second on the throw home (you have 4 or 5 runners) and 2 -3 catchers so arms won’t get to sore.

Thhe challenge begins. Everyone gets a great challenge and a workout. Try it; it works great and will make runners more aggressive when you want to steal bases.