Trying to liven up the girl’s softball practice, I brought out a couple of traditional drills and added some extras.   This sparked renewed enthusiasm in the practices for sure.

Target Throwing Drill
I took the old target practice drill for throwing, and I made the targets my trash cans. My kids ages are 10-7, and they loved it.

I split the kids into teams of 5, each player on the team line up behind each other, and all the teams were at the same throwing distance.
The team received a point for each softball they made into the trash.   I periodically moved them back about 5 feet to give them different targets as well.

We had so much fun that the parents and the assistant coaches got involved.   Not as easy as everyone thought.

I even made them at one point take a running approach to teach them to keep their balance and technique when throwing on the run.   (That was more difficult, but the older kids in High school helping me loved it.)

Rapid Fire Fielding
This fielding drill is similar to the cone drill where the cones are 10 feet apart, but the coach is closer to the fielder. The cones for this drill are only 5 or 6 feet apart, and it is a rapid fire to the fielder, left and right.

The fielder just tosses the ball to either side after fielding. Excellent drill for higher levels and for conditioning.