A fun, competitive game that practices throwing and fielding

Set Up

  • Using cones, set up a small soccer field with a midline across the center.
  • Create a goal on each side using cones, hitting nets, trash cans or anything similar.
  • Divide your players up into two even teams — one on each side of the field.
  • Give each team 2 or 3 tennis balls or softie balls.
Players compete to throw ground balls into the other teams’ goal.


  1. The object of the game is to throw the ball into the other team’s goal.
  2. The ball must bounce before going through the goal — no line drives or fly balls allowed.
  3. The other team uses their gloves to field balls and protect their goal.
  4. First team to score five goals wins.

Coaching Tips

  • Make the size of the field and goals appropriate for the level of your team/
  • This game works best with a small pop-up soccer net, hockey net or lacrosse net.
  • If you are using cones, goals should only count if they pass through the cones at waist height or lower.
  • Encourage good ground ball fielding fundamentals — players should be in a ready position, use their feet to move their body into position, field the ball in a wide stance with the glove on the ground, gathering the ball into the belt buckle.
  • Make it harder: Players can score by throwing ground balls or line drives.   Add extra balls.
  • Make it easier: Coaches play “goalie” so the players can focus on throwing.