Here are a couple of tips I like to pass on for coaching younger girl’s softball practice.   These are easy to implement and keep everyone active and learning the game.

Warm Up Stations
For a warm up have stations posted around the gym matching the number of players you have, for example: skipping, squats, jump jacks, lunges and so on.

With each player starting at a station perform the exercise for 20-30 seconds then run around the gym once (starting at a light jog and increasing after each station). After the lap move on to the next station until all are completed then simply repeat the process. Follow by a quick light stretch of major muscle groups for 2-3 minutes; try to keep stretches dynamic in nature (moving) as to not allow team to cool down.

Finish with a drink of water and start practicing.

Teamwork & Motivation
One drill, I like to do with the younger kids, age 6, 7, 8 who are first time players, is to set up the tee.   The batter works on their hitting while about (3) girls are getting the balls she hits.

Whichever girl hustles the most and gets the most balls hit off the tee gets a hershey kiss candy.   The girls then learn hustle, teamwork and are working on their defensive drills whiling having fun.