I have two good coaching tips for softball I would like to share–one on stealing bases and the other on the issue of punishment.

Stealing Bases (getting a good jump).

You’ll need a pitcher and a catcher.
Time the runners from first base to second base from when the foot leaves the bag until they reach second base.
Then time them from when the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand, until they reach second base.   You won’t believe the difference.

It’s a good way to make them realize they can get a better jump.   Stealing bases is more timing than anything and is different for each individual.

Running and Punishment

I have coached for years.   I have seen a lot of good ideas and just as many bad oones. One thing I don’t agree with is punishing girls and making them run.

There are enough drills that involve running.   If they are running during the drills you are accomplishing two things at once without them knowing it.

Girls who are running for punishment are only getting mad.   Girls play better when they are happy!