Depending on what level of play you’re in, you really need to emphasize the importance of outfielders. In today’s video blog post, I am going to share with you a a great reaction drill that will help you to do this.

The Importance of Outfielders – An Infield Reaction Drill

The first time you demonstrate this drill, your athletes will not like you very much. Put your infield into the infield and have all your outfielders be batters. And then, just play a little game. Use your batters first, and as soon as they hit the ball, they just keep running until someone stops it.

Obviously, you have no outfielders. So the infielders or shortstops are running way out into the outfield and grabbing the ball, trying to relay it in. And it only takes about three batters before your infielders start getting a little angry with you because it’s “not fair”. But it’s a great demonstration to use to say “see, you do love your left fielder and your center fielder and your right fielder. And you do need them.” Because there are times that shortstops, the second base – they get a little too big for their britches sometimes because they’re in these spotlight positions.

And while the outfielders are not spotlighted, but they’re very, very useful. This small demonstration can help your other players — as well as the outfielders themselves — remember this.

Bonus: Blind Man Reaction Drill

Here’s another reaction drill for you. It’s called the “Blind Man Drill” (or “Blind Ball Drill”). It’s very helpful for the outfielders who just need to work on their reaction to a ball. Sometimes players only have a split second to decide if that ball’s over their head, if they’ve lost it in the sun, to find it again, etc. This is a very good reaction drill to get them comfortable with making those split second decisions.


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