This is a drill we use all season.   It is great for early in the season since it is done indoors and weather often makes this our only alternative.   The players love it and the improvement in fielding speaks for itself.

4 in 1 Indoor Outfield Drill
Needed: Softballs, instant screen or sock net, two cones
Area: Full length basketball court
(If you are timing the players start the clock on their first movement)

Step 1
At one end of the court the player squares up to the coach then opens at a 45 degree angle and runs full speed to catch the ball thrown by the coach at cone # 1. The player then gets in her legs, squares her shoulders to the target, takes a rhythm step and throws to the screen.

Step 2
From that point the player drops steps straight back and peeks over her shoulder at cone # 2 to pick up the trajectory of the ball. She then works to get two steps behind it, makes the catch at about her throwing shoulder, takes a rhythm step and throws to the target.

Step 3
When the player is throwing in step two a coach will throw a ball against the far wall (if padded) or a mat placed at the far wall. The player will field that ball as if it were an extra base hit that makes it to the fence. The player will center the ball to her body, pick it up with her bare hand and without a rhythm step throw to the target. (quickness over velocity.)

Step 4
The coach will roll a ground ball that the player will field as a “do or die” play. She will field the ball cleanly, rhythm step and throw to the target. When the ball hits the target the clock stops.

(Note: Add one second for each drop, bobble and throw that misses the target. Subtract one second for every throw that hits the strike zone on the screen.)

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    • Coach Roa

      Drills I run with my 18U girls is, simultaneous drills. Keeps the whole team involved and the coaches are always involved in every drill. Usually you get to see other travel teams practice and coaches are joking around or girls are socializing.
      Here is an example of my drill schedule:

      Both sides. 6-3. Second baseman becomes shortstop and thirdbaseman becomes first baseman. Coaches hit ground balls to each side simultaneously.

      Normal. 4-3, 6-5. Regular 4-3 put out and 6-5 put out. In this drill coaches hit gounders simultaneously. You want to see pivot throws from ss to 3rd and side arm throws or pivot from second baseman to first.

      Normal. 4-6-3 , 5-2-3. Double play combo.
      Coach #1 will hit ground ball to second to start 4-6-3 double play, when the shortstop releases the ball and the ball is half to first, then coach #2 hits a ground to third to start the 5-2-3 double play.
      Girls must be quick in these drills in order for this to work. Believe when I say this gets the girls focused on what they are supposed to do.

      Coach Roa

      • Becky

        Great drill schedule! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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