To improve throwing speed and jump pivot technique.

Set Up

  • Group players into threes and have them stand in a triangle shape with 30 feet between each player.
  • All players have a glove, one player has a ball.
Jump Pivot Triangle Softball Fielding Drill
Players catch the ball, make a jump-pivot and throw to their teammate.


  1. To begin, player with the ball throws the ball in a clockwise direction to teammate.
  2. Second player catches the ball and performs a jump pivot to get in proper position to throw to the next player. Ball is then thrown to third player.
  3. Players continue to quickly pass the ball around the triangle, executing a jump pivot after each catch.
  4. After the ball moves around the triangle three times, reverse the direction and perform the drill going counterclockwise.

Coaching Tips

  • To make the jump pivot, hop slightly off the ground and make a quarter turn toward the target.
  • Finish the pivot with the glove side shoulder pointing to the receiver and the throwing arm up in the “L” position.
  • The receiver should make a target box at chest level using her glove and bare hand.
  • Make it harder: Have the coach dictate when to reverse the ball with a verbal cue. When coach yells “SWITCH!” the ball should change directions.
  • Make it easier: Use a regular pivot instead of a jump pivot – leave the pivot planted while swinging the lead foot toward the target.