Helps train players to swing with a line drive swing path.   Adds some fun and intensity to your practices.

Set Up

  • Divide your players up into three teams.   One team is at-bat.   The other two are shagging balls.
  • Using cones or chalk, mark the outfield with two curved lines from foul line to foul line.   One about 10 feet outside the infield.   And another about 40 feet outside the infield.   This is the scoring zone.
  • Coach (or pitching machine) is at the pitcher’s mound.
Line Drive Contest Softball Hitting Drill
Players compete to hit line drives into the scoring zone.


  1. The object of the game is to hit line drives into the scoring zone marked by the cones.
  2. Each player gets 5-10 pitches.   Every hit that lands in the scoring zone counts as a point.
  3. After all three teams have batted, the team with the most combined points wins.

Coaching Tips

  • Make every 5th pitch a “Money Ball” that counts for triple the points.