Mirror drills are very valuable in allowing a player to review their hitting mechanics. Mirror drills allow all hitters to jump in and work on anything that they want. The mirror offers much versatility — for example, it can be used to show proper base hit bunting form to third base, it can be used to see if we are hit-and-running to the opposite field well, and much more! When a mistake or a flaw is recognized in the mirror, at that point the player can work on it from either angle they choose.

How To Use Mirror Drills for the Perfect Swing!

The player can take the front view and check out a lot of things about themselves. They can take a look at their swing and see if they are balanced, they can check to ensure that the front foot is closed, if they are level at the waistband, etc.

He can also turn to the side and get a view that he doesn’t have the opportunity to see very often. From this view, he can check to see that his weight is distributed properly with his back heel is over the toe, that he is in a good follow through position, and while doing this, he can really focus on the feedback that the mirror is giving back to him.

As a coach, you can also walk your player through some things to focus on. As simple as large movement with rhythm, small movement with rhythm, getting ready to hit and the launch position which focuses on stride and the belly button being towards the back part of the plate. You can also work on bat-ball contact and making sure the body is in proper position with the head down, the extension of the swing, with the barrel of the bat at the pitcher, and clean follow through the body under total balance and control.

Important coaching tip: We’ve talked about bat-ball contact, where the head is on the bat at the same time the ball strikes. From there, the bat head goes toward the pitchers chest but the visual head stays right on the ball. This allows the body to remain balanced and stay on the ball longer, maintaining a perfect swing throughout.


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