This drill helps the player work on establishing a good base and fielding the ball out in front.

Set Up

  • Players line up in outfield.


  1. Coach slowly rolls the ball to a player, who goes down on one knee and catches it.
  2. Player should have glove side knee up and throwing side knee down.
  3. Player should sweep the ball into her glove with her throwing hand.
  4. Player then gets up and throws the ball back to the coach.

Coaching Tips

  • As the player sweeps the ball into the glove she should be searching for the seams to get a good throwing grip on the ball.
  • Players should always keep their body in front of the softball to keep it from skipping past them.
  • Practice the drill without a ball to ensure players understand the fundamentals.
  • Hit the ball with a bat to get a truer ground ball feel or use harder, more challenging throws.