I think the most neglected part of softball is outfield. We do conditioning drills first and then follow up with specific outfield practice drills.   I also share a winning strategy I use with parents who like to coach from the sidelines.   Works like a charm.

Outfield Softball Drills
1. I do my conditioning drills with “teams”. We do “mountains” (they were BB’s when i played), with two teams of girls agianst each other. 5 on 5. First team done WINS.

2. We also go through a form package of drills specific to outfielders.

For example I work left and right drop step drills.   Then we take that one step further and do quarterback drills throwing left and right.

Also, don’t forget to throw straight back because balls are hit straight over players heads.

Coaching TipGrab Your Glove
My strategy dealing with softball Dads (lurking around practice) is my “grab your glove”.

As coaches we have all had one of those “know it all” Dads-who doesn’t sign up to Coach.

Last year was my turn.I didn’t know him, but was warned. I just said “got your glove in the car? Go get it”.

He was a faithful “fill-in” Coach the rest of the season. He just wanted to “help”.