This drill helps pitchers develop power by removing the stride

Set Up

Pitcher stands on the mound (35-40 feet away) or just behind it to start. Catcher is behind home plate.


  1. Pitcher winds up and throws the ball to home without taking a step with her front leg.
  2. Pitcher throws 5-7 pitches from that spot and then moves back.
  3. Continue moving back until pitcher hits the limit of her range.
  4. Throw 5 to 7 pitches at each spot.

Coaching Tips

  • As the distance increases the pitcher can drag her back foot but she should not be stepping forward with her front foot.
  • Pitcher needs to shift her weight front to back to front, use the bending of her knees and really push off the back foot to generate power on her throw in this drill.
  • This drill could be run all the way into centerfield depending on the age and ability of the pitcher.