This drill is all about learning to get into the throwing position as quickly as possible.

Set Up

  • Players sit on the ground with legs spread open.


  1. Each player bounces the ball in front of them, catches it in their glove and then gets the ball and goes into throwing motion as fast as possible.
  2. Player doesn’t throw ball.
  3. After pulling the ball back in the throwing motion she stops, then bounces the ball and repeats the drill.
  4. Run the drill for approximately 3 minutes for each variation that you do (seated, standing and/or players paired up)

Coaching Tips

  • Have players pair up and throw the ball to each other.
  • Just do the motion with no actual throw.
  • When in throwing motion, ball should be facing backwards with the knuckles to the sky.
  • When taking the ball from the glove, player should be finding the seams to ensure more accurate throws.