These are a couple of my favorite softball practice drills that I use regularly.   The first one is a scrimmage game that we play the day before we have a game.   It is a great motivator!   The Diamond Drill keeps your entire team moving, is fast paced and works on all skills.   I use it at the beginning of every practice.

Scrimmage Game
Split your team up into 3 teams.
Use live pitching if you are able to or just use the pitching machine.
One team is hitting, one is infield, and one is outfield.

All you do now is scrimmage against each other.   Of course, the 2 defensive teams are playing against the offensive team.   3 outs and rotate–Hitting to infield, infield to outfield, and outfield to hitting.   Keep score.

As an award, the winning team may not pick up equipment for that day.

The Diamond Drill  
Everyone has a glove.
One player on each base, the rest lined up at shortstop.
Coach hits ground balls to short and player must make throw to first.   After which, she follows her throw by running to first.
After the player at first catches it, she throws to second base and then follows her throw and so on.

This drill incorporates fielding, throwing and running all in one drill and it keeps the entire team moving.   When done correctly, there is constant motion.   It is a thing of beauty when done correctly!