In today’s video blog post, we are talking about the “See The Ball” softball hitting drill.   We have talked many times about how important watching the ball is. And this is probably one of the best sofbtall hitting drill sets to get these ideas in the head of the young hitter on how to watch that ball when it comes in.

“See The Ball” Softball Hitting Drill

First, I want to talk a little bit about how to hit off a tee. As simple as this is and as much work as we do on it, we want to make sure that we’re lined up in the right spot. To do that, take your hitters bat and make sure that her feet are lined up straight, and that the front foot is lined up right with the tip of the tee. So when she gets to her post-stride position or after she steps, she’s still going to be behind the ball so that she can hit it out in front of her body. You always want to be lined up with the back of the tee so you can hit it out in front. This location is also the same as a pitch that you would hit right down the middle in a game situation.

So in this softball hitting drill, we’re just working on keeping the head still. Your hitter is going to get in her good stance, and she’s going to load and swing. She’s going to kick a swing where she’s not going to take her eyes off that tee as she swings and freezes.

You can also take the bat away, and go through the same mechanics. The hitter looks out to the pitcher, and she’s going to keep her head pretty still throughout her swing, while her body violently rotates because she’s trying to hit that ball hard. When she goes through and swings, we want her to remember to keep this head completely still and that gives us the best chance to focus on that ball as it comes in, while the body rotates underneath it.


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