To practice proper fielding technique for short hops.

Set Up

  • Divide team into pairs, players line up across from each other forming two lines about 15 ft apart.
  • Everyone kneels on two knees. For safety, each player should be about 5 feet from player next to them.
  • All players have gloves, one player in each pair should have a ball.
Short Hop Showdown Softball Infielding Drill
Players throw short hop ground balls to each other from their knees.


  1. On coach’s command, the player with the ball must bounce it to their partner. The receiving player must field the ball on one hop.
  2. Pairs continue to bounce the ball and field the short hop back and forth.
  3. For added intensity, players can earn points for throwing beyond the receiver’s reach on one bounce or for missing the ball.
  4. The first player to reach 5 points loses.

Coaching Tips

  • This drill is effective because it forces players to focus on the bouncing ball all the way into their glove. It reduces the tendency for players to look up before the short hop is securely in their glove.
  • Make it harder: Move the players farther apart. Throw one-hoppers to either side.
  • Make it easier: Using soft sponge balls or whiffle balls will help players who are afraid of getting hit.