Here are two softball catching drills I use with all levels of players. The first one dealing with fear of the ball can be used with new players and with more experienced players to teach new skills.   The Ground Relay drills is a fun, effective practice drill that your kids will love.

Fear of the Ball
This is a drill for those girls who catch a fly with one hand, use a basket catch or are simply afraid of the ball.

First I have the girls use the “Soft Hands” Paddle and the foam type practice softballs. I have the girls line up ( I have 3 “Soft Hands — so they can alternate I line)   and I toss the foam balls up and have them catch them using the Soft Hands.

I force them to catch the ball high by their throwing shoulder. The “Soft Hands” forcing them to use both hands in catching the ball and using the foam balls eliminates the fear factor of getting beaned with a ball.

*This drill can also be used with more experienced girls in teaching them the crow hop (or curl hop) technique.

Ground Relay Drill
4 player ground ball relay drill. Much like a throwing relay but instead of throwing each player rolls a ground ball to the next player. Each ball needs to be fielded cleanly or it starts over.

Once the last player fields the ball I have one large bucket about 25 to 30 feet away from the last player in each row.   That player tries to throw the ball into the bucket. If she misses it, she starts over.   If it goes in before any other group they win!

My kids enjoy this drill a lot.