These are softball coaching tips to use with your t-ball players.   The first one helps address their fear of being hit by the ball.   The Frisbee drill works on footwork and improving catching.

Fear of the Ball
This drill is for those T-ball kids who are not catching the ball yet because they are scared that it will hit them.

  • Have two kids about 5 feet apart with their glove closed and up against their chest. Have one child throw either a baseball or a tennis ball to the other child.
  • The other child then uses his glove to hit the ball to the ground.
  • She then picks up the ball and throws it back to the first child.
  • After this has been going for about 5-10 minutes, then have them do the same task, but with the glove open to cup the ball and direct the ball to the ground.

This will get them used to the ball hitting the glove and boost their confidence and soon they will lose their inability to catch the ball by overcoming their fear.

Frisbee Drill
At the t-ball level   I have found that switching to a Frisbee, to work on lateral foot work and catching works great!

1) Most if not all kids catch a Frisbee with 2 hands like an alligator.
2) It breaks up some old drills, adds variety, and most important keeps their attention.
3) They loved it.