This is a great softball fielding drill to check if your fielders are totally balanced when they get ready to field the ball. You are going to work on fielding that ball with your footwork lined up to the base that you are throwing to.

This softball fielding drill may seem like the basic fundamentals, but the majority of players never mastered this, so they are not going to be able to throw strikes to the base.

Set Up

Draw a line in the dirt on the field — this is going to be your place of fielding the ball


Players will run up to the line and go down into their fielding stance.

On the coaches command, they will set their feet to first base

They will then reset to the line, and on the coaches command, they will set their feet to second base.

Coaching Tips

Be sure to plant your glove foot in line with the target and your glove arm is lined up to the base with the elbow pointing to the target.

Be sure that you have a good bend in the legs and aren’t stiff

Video Demonstration


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